I was born in Elizabeth NJ. I spent most of my time running around climbing trees, playing tag, or enjoying family time with my 6 sisters. At the age of 6, my family relocated to Carteret Nj. I was a troubled kid who luckily had conviction to be successful in life so I hung around thugs but never took part in shenanigans. My parents always taught me the values of hard work and taking life seriously. I Graduated high school in 2011 and went to Saint Peter’s University in Jersey City, NJ. During my first year in college, My older sister Sherley bought a camera to start her new hobby. Luckily for me her hobby didn’t last long. One summer day I picked up her camera and went out shooting random street signs and the nearby parks. I never looked back after that day. I take pride in my photography because it is the only thing that makes me feel satisfied. I feel like my pictures are like art and I love that. I love to play basketball and travel! Check out some of my travel blogs below!